3 of the Best Meals to eat for Breakfast

I wonder: do you eat breakfast?

If not, but you eat your first meal before noon, it can still count as eating breakfast I suppose.
So this info is for you as well.

Nutrition Scientists are fighting about recommendations on ‘when to eat what’.
Namely, which is better: eating protein or carbs in the morning?

One group says:
Eat carbs in the morning, because breakfast time is when your blood sugar and insulin levels can deal better with carb-rich foods.
The 2nd group says: for weight loss and hunger control, eat protein in the morning.

And although I’m a clinical weight loss practitioner and not a scientist, I belong to the third group.

I say we can combine both protein and carbs, and it can become a win-win situation!

For instance:
1) Oatmeal, oat bran, or steel-cut oats BUT with an added boost of protein.
Start with 1/3 to 1/2 cup raw chunky jumbo rolled oats [not the broken fine instant flakes that cause blood sugar spikes and hunger!]
You can use rolled oats in an overnight oat recipe, make a hot porridge, or muesli.
But when using steel cut oat or oat bran, please use only 1/4 cup of the dry product. This gives a comparable calorie and carb count of 1/2 cup rolled oats.

Add 10g of pure protein powder [no fillers, gums, or nasty stuff] and 1 TBSP flax meal to give it a protein boost for hunger control.
And if you can get hold of plain soy yogurt without sugar, thickeners, or gums, then add a spoonful for extra goodness.

👉 Some people add legumes to help with protein and hunger control.

However, from a weight-loss point, 10g of high-quality pea protein powder can offer you a better deal.

Namely 40 calories worth of 8-10g carb-free protein. To get the same amount of protein, you’d have to consume 100g of cooked chickpeas. But they contain about 165-180 calories and around 27g carbs! I prefer to go with the 10g pure pea protein powder in my breakfast. 🤩

2) Tofu scramble with sautéed or raw vegetables 
Add your own favourite spices and veggies and cook in a non-stick heavy skillet. You could even add a slice of delicious high fibre pumpernickel
Use about 110g firm tofu because it has more protein than silken tofu, which is very water-rich

But check which breakfast keeps you fuller for longer.
Some of us do better with oats and protein powder. Others feel full and satisfied with tofu and vegetables.

3) Protein Smoothie Bowl
No introduction is needed. And here are 9 recipes you may like.

All my free and purchased weight loss plans have a few protein smoothie bowl recipes. When made correctly, you’ll end up with a filling, yet slimming meal containing enough protein to keep you going for several hours.

Other ideas might be:
chia pudding with a flat tablespoon of protein powder and berries,
or plain soy yogurt with homemade oil-free granola and berries,
or baked oatmeal slice with berries plus a vanilla protein shake containing 20g protein, poured over it.

If you have any good breakfast suggestions, please post them in our Facebook group.
We always love to see new options.

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