Chickpea Casserole

I used to soooo not like Chickpeas. Now I truly LOVE them. Give me chickpeas and I give you a yummy meal, be it curry, or this recipe, a hummus or falafel…The options are endless. Hurrah to chickpeas, the little balls of deliciousness.

Oat Cookie

Well, I never knew this: by simply squishing together oats and bananas, one can bake a cookie. Mind boggling.
Two ingredients? You cannot really call it a recipe, can you. It’s like calling buttered toast a recipe.

Easy Hummus

Once you’ve made your own hummus, you’ll never buy a ready-made one from the store again. Home-made hummus is soooo much more delicious. You can add sun-dried tomato paste to it, you can add pesto or even chopped walnuts to give the hummus a more funky texture and healthy Omega 3.

Spelt With Roast Vegetables

Spelt is an ancient, high protein wheat and was offered as a gift to the Greeks by the Goddess Demeter, so it must be good. It contains gluten, but in moderate servings this high fibre grain is well tolerated by people who have a mild gluten sensitivity. Nutty and delicious, perhaps you should try it one day…This easy recipe basically just mixes vegetables and spelt together for a delicious, filling meal.

Vegan Lecso

As a child we often ate this tasty dish as our main meal. In Hungary we added crazy fatty sausages or scrambled eggs to the mix. Nowadays I add chickpeas or butter beans. But I would not tell this to my Hungarian relatives. They may not allow this addition.

Guilt Free Chocolate Bliss Balls

Easy to make and easy to eat.  They’re a wonderful flavour treat to end your day with. With a cup of relaxing herbal tea plus one of these Bliss Balls,  you’re ready for a good night’s rest