5 Top Anti-Ageing Lifestyle Tips

Let’s look into anti-ageing tips.
For my VIP Club members, in late October I’m even launching a whole new programme on this subject. 🤩

I wonder… when you were in your 30s did you ever think about getting older or looked up anti-ageing tips?

I didn’t.

But when I turned 40, I thought…hmm…I wonder if there’s anything I can do to slow down the process. Obviously, I knew I couldn’t stop it but I also didn’t wish to age prematurely.
Therefore I made it my hobby to look into anti-ageing scientific info. And over the decades I have read quite a lot of studies on the subject.

I learned many things so far and I look forward to learning even more.

Just finished listening to Dr David Sinclair’s interesting podcast. He is a famous biochemist living in the States who recently wrote the book called Lifespan on “why we age, and why we don’t have to”. (Sadly contains lots of off-topic info ) …

My very good childhood friend Panni is dating the author’s dad who at 80 is benefitting immensely from all the suggestions he is getting from his smart son.

There are quite a few books on this subject but I can’t wait to read Dr Greger’s new book next year called ‘How not to Age’.
Obviously, he and his team have had way more time and resources to research this for me so I don’t have to.

It’s such an involved subject and many of us are waiting to find out as much as possible. After all, we don’t just want to live longer but we want to feel healthy and energetic, well into old age.

For now, let me start you off with 5 top tips I learned during my quest for anti-ageing.

1) Self-care is a priority, not a luxury.

Because if you don’t engage in self-care, as time goes on you won’t notice how you wear yourself out mentally, emotionally and physically.
And once you are a tired shadow of your former Self, it will be more difficult to pick up the pieces.

Look after yourself NOW, not when it is too late. Engage in regular self-care and self-love. 

2) Have a positive outlook on life.

Look at the bright side of things. Laugh, smile and have fun (self-care involves fun!!)
Might not sound so important, but look at this 2019 study;

Their analysis of 69,744 women from the Nurses’ Health Study (NHS) and 1,429 men from the Veterans Affairs (VA) Normative Aging Study (NAS) showed that positive thinking can make a big change.

It resulted in an 11–15% longer lifespan and a stronger likelihood of living to age 85 or older.
If we feel positive about where we actually are now it can add years to our lifespan! 

Now we come to the nitty gritty where you have to put in some hard work.

Free measuring tape and an apple on a weighing scale, public domain diet and fitness CC0 photo.

3) Be at a healthy weight.

This doesn’t mean we all have to be as slim as a runway model!

By healthy weight I mean: don’t become overweight or obese. There are charts that give you a good indication of what that means.
This one HERE is easy to read.

On the left, you have your height in feet and inches. On the right, it is shown in centimetres. The top line is weight in kilos.
The bottom line is in stones. If you live in the USA, you can find online charts in pounds as well.

Repeating: no need to be right down at the lower end of the recommendation. But also don’t be towards the top.
Charts give pretty wide-ranging numbers to you. It’s not a single exact figure.

In the Café group and in the VIP Group we have recipes, templates and suggestions on how to reduce weight so you can hover around your healthy weight. Use those tools and I am confident you can succeed.

4) Reduce your stress.

This is a biggie. Stress ages our cells.
And it appears that women are especially susceptible to an overload of stress hormones as they age.
Did you know that as time goes on, we experience more inflammation? It could be because our bodies can’t absorb all the nutrients from our food as we get older.

FACT: Psychological stress is now considered to be an important risk factor for numerous diseases.

Various studies have shown a strong link between chronic psychological stress as well as accelerated ageing.

But you might ask yourself: what if we are living in an ongoing stressful situation…And we can’t change that? Like when you have a business. You can’t just run off and leave it.
If you cannot change the situation you are in, then it becomes even more important to engage in activities that actively reduce stress so you can deal better with the ongoing issues. Think meditation, yoga, a walk in the fresh air, enjoyable music, watching funny movies, staying close to loved ones, etc. etc.

Through healthy lifestyle choices, we can actually change the way we respond to problematic situations.

Then what used to be a major chaotic meltdown situation could be experienced as no more than a frustrating nuisance.

5) And last but not least, have a healthy diet, move regularly and take your supplements.

There are several ways we can stay healthier and live a longer high-quality life.

But one of the more successful steps is eating better, moving more often and taking some supplements to top up our nutrition. As explained above, as we age we can’t absorb all the nutrients from our food.

Therefore ensure a diet that is colourful and includes all the necessary components.

Plus consider some supplements. For instance, a vegan protein powder supplement can assist not only with building more collagen in your skin and joints but also help with improved bone health, a better immune system and many other things.

Consider taking a vegan Vit D3 supplement because it not only assists bone density but low levels of this vitamin are regularly linked with hypertension, cardiovascular disease and other unwanted more serious medical issues. Many people don’t even feel the effects of a deficiency until it is too late.

And in September a study was released that showed a daily multivitamin “helped maintain cognitive health with ageing.”
Sounds ok to me. I’ve been taking various supplements for over 45 years.

And I plan to keep taking them.
How about you? Are you taking the usual vegan supplements for B12, D3, maybe iodine etc?
The above was just a small snippet of what one can do to improve our chances for healthy ageing.

If you’re serious about your health and anti-ageing strategies come and sign up here to join our VIP Club group for £8 a month. We will be starting our anti-ageing diet and regime towards the end of October. Plus I’m also including a bonus programme called the Women’s Hormone Protocol

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