6 Easy Slimming Lunches

Eating easy slimming lunches in the right portion sizes can sometimes feel like a bit of a chore (and a bore?). But it doesn’t have to be that way.

As vegans, we have such a huge array of cuisines we can explore. We can use delicious healthy ingredients to make either simple or fancy slimming lunches. This way we can avoid buying any of the pricey pre-packaged supermarket ones. Except, of course, when we’re busy or in a rush.

However, many of us often find ourselves stuck for ideas. Have you ever thought to yourself:

‘What can I make for lunch that’s quick, delicious, and filling?’ 🤔

That’s why I’ve put together some suggestions to assist you with this problem. The following options won’t leave you feeling hungry or sluggish because these all contain vegan protein, going beyond a mere bowl of starchy carb foods.

Whether you’d like a salad, sandwich, soup, or wrap, I hope these ideas will appeal to your taste buds and fit in with your lifestyle.

So here’s my list of 6 easy slimming lunches that are quick to prepare, taste yummy and won’t leave you hungry.

Buddha Bowl: Your Go-To Choice for a Nutritious Lunch

One of my personal lunch favourites is a Buddha bowl.


It has various textures, colours, and flavours. Definitely not boring. Plus often I can use up some of yesterday’s leftovers and turn them into a completely new meal!

A decorative coconut shell bowl with a mixed Buddha Salad

A slimming mixed Buddha Bowl Salad

And another good thing: less washing up because it’s a one-bowl affair, ready to eat. 😍

Here’s how I do it: I start with ¼ to 1/3 cup of cooked grains, always pre-portioned and waiting in my freezer. If you’ve roasted veggies for the week, toss in a handful.

Then, add protein. For instance 100g of firm marinated tofu or half a cup of lentils/beans. Next come fresh vegetables—green leaves, chopped bell peppers, cucumbers, sliced celery, grated carrots, etc.

Finish it off with a flavourful dressing. At my Vegan Wellness Club, we have plenty of delicious recipes you could choose from.

My favourite quick dressing is thinned-out hummus with a hint of lemon juice. Now toss in a few nuts or seeds, or a couple slices of avocado and this lunch is good to go.

Smashed Chickpeas with Creamy Tofu Mayo

This delicious mix can sit atop a bed of salad or be used as a wrap filling. For weight management, we use half a cup of smashed chickpeas mixed with homemade silken tofu mayonnaise. Here’s a really easy recipe.

I usually leave out the agave or maple syrup and add half a teaspoon of garlic powder. But that’s optional.

Tasty Veggie Burrito

A spicy vegan burrito

This is really delicious and incredibly easy to assemble. Warm up a whole-wheat tortilla, fill it with salad vegetables, and add ½ a cup of cooked smashed black beans, a tablespoon of corn kernels, salsa, and a couple of avocado slices. Sprinkle on some Mexican spice, or a spicy sauce, then fold or roll it, and it’s done!

A Veggie Soup

One of my favourite lunches, especially during cold Scottish weather, is a hearty veggie soup.

It’s another easy meal to make. Soup-making doesn’t require gourmet skills, and you can use whatever veggies you have handy. Add your preferred herbs and spices—I opt for a dried Italian spice mix, garlic and onion powder, bay leaves, pepper, and salt.

A colourful white bean soup with slices of lemon


 👉 To enhance the flavour, think about using dried mixed vegetable flakes. However, check the label to ensure they’re not just dried potato flakes with only a hint of veggies. I usually blend these flakes into a fine powder to boost the taste of my soups and stews.

Making a large batch and freezing portions ensures you always have a healthy and slimming lunch ready. If you wish to try the above soup recipe, here it is. Just choose the oil-free recipe option to ensure it is slimming.

Heat a portion in the microwave or on the stove, pour it into a thermos, and enjoy a delicious soup anywhere. But remember to add half a cup of cooked legumes or tofu for prolonged satiety, because vegetable soups alone might not keep you full for long.

Blending them tends to prolong their presence in your stomach, and adding tofu or beans boosts their protein content, making them even more filling.

Salad Niçoise

This is a traditional French salad which is easily transformed into a vegan option. For a single serving, include a handful of cooked French green beans, halved baby potatoes, a juicy tomato, sliced black olives, finely chopped red onions, capers, and ½ a cup of white beans. Top it off with your favourite oil-free dressing and fresh parsley for a delightful Salad Niçoise!

Chickpea Flour Frittata

A vegan fritta with a side salad

A baked chickpea flour frittata with a side salad

A quick and easy meal made with chickpea flour. Add raw vegetables like finely cut onions, bell peppers, greens, and cherry tomatoes. And you can enjoy this either warm or cold. Usually, I serve it with a side salad. However, you can easily add steamed vegetables instead.

These are just a few of the numerous simple and slimming vegan lunch options available. With a touch of creativity and planning, you can easily create tasty and satisfying lunches that will keep you on track with your weight-loss goals.

So, gather your ingredients and start prepping. This way you’ll never need any of those soggy pre-prepared supermarket lunches ever again.

And if you need more ideas for easy slimming lunches, check out this free 3-day JumpStart to Weight Loss. You might find some additional helpful recipes in there.

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