Best Time for Taking a Supplement?

Answer by Katherine Marengo LDN, R.D. on MedicalNewsToday: ….” the best time to take it would be as soon as the person remembers to take it.” 😄

We all know that the best nutrition can be obtained from real food, not pills.
When we eat plenty of fresh produce, fruit, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains, etc. we are taking steps in the right direction.

However, there are situations when we may consider taking supplements. For instance, athletes take them to support their health and energy levels.
Expectant mothers are often advised by their doctors to take folic acid, calcium etc.

People on very low-calorie diets may wish to support their health with supplements.
And Vegans and Vegetarians need to read up on which nutrients they would benefit from.
For instance B12, D3, iodine etc.

I have some information in my free Facebook group on supplements.
Start off by looking at FILES and GUIDES 1-5.

But did you know that for best absorption results, we shouldn’t just pop them into our mouth without at least a little forethought?

Here are the main points to consider.

👉 Most supplements should be taken with food to reduce the chances of upsetting your stomach and to stimulate their absorption.
And having them with water is also important. It helps to prevent any possible stomach upsets.

B12 vitamins.
All vegans need a reliable source of this important supplement. It is best taken with food and NOT with a high dose of a Vit C tablet.

👉 Leave around 2 hours between these two, unless they are already present in a mixed multivitamin in standard amounts.

Individual Mineral Supplements.
Large doses of mineral supplements can compete with each other when taken at the same time. If you are using separate zinc, calcium, and magnesium, unless they’re in standard doses, they should be taken at different meal times.

Or with a snack.

👉 In addition, mineral supplements should not be teamed with a multivitamin. Because the same thing can occur. Namely, the mega dose mineral will compete with the smaller mineral doses in a multivitamin.

Are you on Thyroid medication? Then this is important:
Taking calcium, magnesium, or iron within 4 hours of thyroid meds can reduce its strength.

Vit A, D3, K and E & Omega DHA EPA
Those are fat-soluble vitamins and should be taken with a meal containing a little healthy fat.
A few nuts, seeds or some slices of avocado will do the trick.

Vit B supplements
It’s totally safe to take various Vit B vitamins at the same time. But many people find that taking them close to bedtime disturbs their sleep quality.

Vit C
This is a water soluble vitamin and should be taken with plenty of water preferably on an empty stomach. However, if that causes you a stomach ache, take it with water and a meal.

I take mine at night because it helps me sleep and prevents pesky cramps. But you can take it at any time.

Iron-rich foods or supplements: take some Vit C rich food, drink, or supplement. It helps iron to be better absorbed.

Vit D will assist calcium absorption.
So when you are taking your vegan D3 [cannot be found in vegan food] take it with a calcium-rich meal.

In closing, our age, possible genetic disorders, dietary choices, and medical conditions can increase the need for certain supplements.

Please talk to your doctor before changing your diet and when you decide on taking new Supplements. It could be that your choices might not be the best for your needs.

Use vitamins are minerals responsibly and avoid unnecessarily large doses unless you have researched them thoroughly.
Because more is not always better.