Science-Backed Ways to Reduce Bloating

Gas, wind, bloat…..they’re all part of plant-based eating. However, in my mind, there’s an acceptable level of bloating and then there’s totally objectionable level of bloating. Like when suddenly, overnight, your stomach sticks out as if you’re pregnant and the most unladylike noises are being emitted from both ends of your body. Terrible. Especially when… Read More »Science-Backed Ways to Reduce Bloating

Best Time for Taking a Supplement?

Answer by Katherine Marengo LDN, R.D. on MedicalNewsToday: ….” the best time to take it would be as soon as the person remembers to take it.” 😄 We all know that the best nutrition can be obtained from real food, not pills. When we eat plenty of fresh produce, fruit, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains,… Read More »Best Time for Taking a Supplement?

Eating delicious food

Do you feel hungrier after 4pm? 

Feeling hungry late afternoon and evening is not unusual and it can have many reasons. Research tells us that some reasons can be quite obvious and we can actually do something about those. And some are not as easy to change. There’s a fickle hormone called Ghrelin. And it has a lot to answer for.… Read More »Do you feel hungrier after 4pm? 

My 3 Best Tips to avoid overeating at Christmas

There are so many tips floating around to help us retain at least some of our waistline during December. And yet, even with the best intentions and armed with tips and info, many of us end up eating our own body weight in Christmas dinners. And washing it down with way too many calorie-rich drinks.… Read More »My 3 Best Tips to avoid overeating at Christmas

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9 Ways to get you back on Track.

Has your healthy eating gone off the rails a bit? 😫 Are there more days ahead of you when this might occur again? Well, this in itself wouldn’t be an issue. The trick is not to leave any time before going back to eating better. Because if you let things slide for too long, two… Read More »9 Ways to get you back on Track.

4 Fixes for Weight Loss Hormones.

When it comes to weight loss, sometimes we focus too much on calories and exercise and forget about all the other things that can influence weight loss success. For example our hormones. They are an important part of the master control system of your entire body. They directly affect your blood sugar, metabolism, and appetite.… Read More »4 Fixes for Weight Loss Hormones.

Gluten Free for Weight Loss?

I remember a few decades ago that gluten-free diets became popular for weight loss. And even nowadays, they appear to have kept some of their Rock Star status. But does going gluten-free really help you lose weight? I will explain in a minute. But before I do: What is gluten? Gluten is a type of… Read More »Gluten Free for Weight Loss?

5 Immune Boosting Foods

Over on this side of the world in the UK, it’s time to seriously support our immune systems because the colder weather is on its way. But how and where can we begin to boost immunity? Might there be a special supplement we should take? Well, let’s leave supplements aside for now and focus on… Read More »5 Immune Boosting Foods

3 of the Best Meals to eat for Breakfast

I wonder: do you eat breakfast? If not, but you eat your first meal before noon, it can still count as eating breakfast I suppose. So this info is for you as well. Nutrition Scientists are fighting about recommendations on ‘when to eat what’. Namely, which is better: eating protein or carbs in the morning?… Read More »3 of the Best Meals to eat for Breakfast

Interesting info on carbs

Did you realize that high-carb diets don’t work equally well for everyone? Nutrition science has come a long way since I finished my first nutrition course 40 years ago. We now acknowledge that one type of eating approach does not necessarily benefit us all. [Although I bet many Plant-Based doctors won’t agree] For instance, we… Read More »Interesting info on carbs