Weight Loss Myths that are UTTER RUBBISH

Do you spend hours trawling through science research findings [like I do]? Probably not. I’m sure you’ve got better things to do with your life.

So I’m thinking you may not have read some of the latest results on weight loss and healthy eating.
Therefore let’s bury a few of the worst myths that are being shared on the internet by ‘experts’ that remained stuck in the dark ages.

For the next little while I picked just one myth to be debunked per week and I hope my explanations will allow you to be better informed.

The Dummies Guide to Nuts

Type this into Google: ‘are nuts good for me?’

You’ll be totally blown away by the most contradictory stories. From: ‘nuts make you LOSE weight’ to ‘nuts makes you GAIN weight’

I also read ‘eating nuts seriously shortens your life span’ and ‘eating nuts helps you live longer.’

WT…?  😯

So many clashing stories, enough to drive you nuts! Humour…nuts…get it? Sorry.

Meanwhile here you are, staring at a handful of nuts, wondering if ‘to eat or not to eat nuts, that is the question’.

Well I’m here to suggest: go ahead, make my day and eat them! Unless you have a nut allergy.  😐

Sensible Snacking Solutions

Yes, yes, we all know….A piece of fresh fruit is always a good standby for a sensible snacking solutions. However, after a while you may need something else to snack on. I know I do. 

Intelligent, premeditated snack options can be an important tool that prevent you from jumping off the bandwagon.

Hungry or craving ‘something’?

Choose one of the options within and stay on track

Top 10 Reasons why Vegan Food Rocks!

Just look at all those amazing colours! And imagine the flavours and textures…YUM!

However I know that not everyone is as totally crazy about fruit and veg food as I am. But to benefit from eating plant based foods, you don’t have to ‘fully convert’ and become a strict Vegan or Vegetarian.

Just have a couple of meat free days per week and feel the difference!

Check out the reasons why vegetables are moving from the side of the plate to the centre of the plate.

Doing Motivation The Right Way

Hello again,

Today I’m here to motivate you! I bet some of you forgot to do that this morning.

Think of your daily daily dose of healthy-eating motivation like getting dressed in the morning.

Don’t leave home without your motivation on.

If you do, you’ll be sorry! At the first opportunity of temptation you might be swayed to take the wrong road. Choice between apple or doughnut? You may choose the wrong one if your motivation or your will power has been left at home.

However, if you’re all topped up with buzzing, positive motivation to eat right, you’ll overcome the temptation for a short term flavour sensation.

Make a list of  WHY you want to eat right.

Imagine: your thoughts influence your weight loss

Hello again,

Have you read some of the interesting information in ‘the law of attraction’ books?

It talks about “You Get What You Think, whether you want it or not.”

Without debating the efficacy of the book, you need to know that your attitude and mindset regarding many areas in your life, including weight loss, are VERY important. 

Research shows that what you think and feel about a particular process (like swapping over to healthy, clean eating) will influence the actions you take.

A positive mindset is one of the major keys to success and therefore you should practice Positive Self-Talk.

Yep, it may feel strange and forced to start off with, however it really works: if you repeat motivating and positive thoughts, you’re brain washing yourself into believing your own ‘mind chatter’.