Set Weight. Is That A “Thing”?

When it comes to weight loss, here’s a topic that many of us find both challenging and perplexing: the concept of a ‘set weight.’ It’s that seemingly immovable number on the scale that our bodies resist going below, making our efforts feel like a constant uphill battle. As if our body is playing a stubborn game of hide-and-seek with those extra 2-5 kilos.

woman running out of time to exercise. Looking at watch

Exercise: Can’t Find Time? Let’s Bust That Myth!

“I’d love to exercise, but I just can’t find the time.” How often have we heard or even said this ourselves? When we live busy lives it’s easy to prioritize work, family, and all the other commitments we have. And that can end up with us neglecting our own well-being. If this is you, then have a look at this article because it gives you ten excellent tips on how to overcome this problem.

woman measuring waist

Belly Fat: 5 Sneaky Reasons It Sticks Around

Are you tired of battling stubborn belly fat? Then have a look at this article to see some of the reasons why belly fat loves to stick around. It will also provide you with actionable tips on how to fix this problem. It addresses the impact of age, genetics, the role of stress and more.
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