Oat Cookie

Well, I never knew this: by simply squishing together oats and bananas, one can bake a cookie. Mind boggling.
Two ingredients? You cannot really call it a recipe, can you. It’s like calling buttered toast a recipe.

Easy Hummus

Once you’ve made your own hummus, you’ll never buy a ready-made one from the store again. Home-made hummus is soooo much more delicious. You can add sun-dried tomato paste to it, you can add pesto or even chopped walnuts to give the hummus a more funky texture and healthy Omega 3.

Guilt Free Chocolate Bliss Balls

Easy to make and easy to eat.  They’re a wonderful flavour treat to end your day with. With a cup of relaxing herbal tea plus one of these Bliss Balls,  you’re ready for a good night’s rest