Does our Metabolism really only slow after 60?


In mid-August, the well-respected journal called SCIENCE published metabolic study results of 6,600 people between the ages of 1-95. Admittedly, not a huge amount of people but enough to take note of it.

After carefully analyzing 4 decades’ worth of data, a group of international scientists came to the surprising conclusion that people’s metabolism does not automatically reduce between the ages of 20-60.

During infancy, our metabolic rate is at its highest. It was mentioned that up until our 20s, our metabolism slows by around 3% each year. But from the age of 20 onwards, it remains stable until you hit 60.

Even during pregnancy AND menopause. 😳

Yep, that’s what they wrote. Namely that our rate of metabolism stays the same between the ages of 20 until 60.

So how do they explain that many of us gain weight through our middle years, especially during menopause?

Lead-authors Professors Pontzer from Duke University and John Speakman from the University of Aberdeen believe it’s got to do with our lifestyle choices.

NOT because of any automatic metabolic slowdown. The culprits they point to is a decline in our exercise activity and simply eating more.


Even after they took into consideration the yearly natural percentage of muscle reduction, they suggested that the outcome was the same: thickening waists are due to us being less active and simply consuming more calories than we need.

I wonder if they are right.

So what does this mean for us women who feel that nature is making it more difficult for us once we reach our middle years?

Perhaps researchers are correct and we are simply moving less and are eating more calories than when we were younger.

But what if they are ‘a little bit wrong’ and we do have a slightly slower metabolism when we hit our 40s and 50s?

Well, in the end, I don’t think it really matters whether they’re right or wrong.

If we HAVE gained unwanted weight, either due to our unhelpful lifestyle choices OR Mother Nature reducing our metabolic rate, the fix remains the same:
we should begin to make better food choices, reduce our calorie intake and increase our activity level.

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