Doing Motivation The Right Way

Young woman and a healthy diet concept

Hello again,

Today I’m here to motivate you! I bet some of you forgot to do that this morning.

Think of your daily daily dose of healthy-eating motivation like getting dressed in the morning.

Don’t leave home without your motivation on.

If you do, you’ll be sorry! At the first opportunity of temptation you might be swayed to take the wrong road. Choice between apple or doughnut? You may choose the wrong one if your motivation or your will power has been left at home.

However, if you’re all topped up with buzzing, positive motivation to eat right, you’ll overcome the temptation for a short term flavour sensation.

Make a list of  WHY you want to eat right. My own list goes something like this:

1. Eating Right helps me maintain [or lose] weight.

2. Eating Right makes my skin glow with health

3. Eating Right gives me energy

4. Eating Right makes me feel good instead of beating myself up for eating ‘stuff’

What’s your list?

Stick it on the fridge and the bathroom mirror where you’ll be sure to see your list a few times per day. Change its location from time to time so you don’t get used to it being there like wallpaper.

It should catch your eye so you read it often.

If you forget to remind yourself WHY you are actually wanting to eat right or lose weight, the reasons seem to fade into the background.

The next step might be that you walk over to the ‘dark side‘ again where you do not wish to be: unmotivated, lethargic and disappointed that once again you let yourself down.

Tell yourself regularly: I can and will do it!

Effective self control comes from choosing longer term success instead of small temporary taste hits.

Once you get your head space sorted, sticking to your eating plan will be easy. Eating healthy will become second nature so you can get this dieting business over and done with. Once and for all. Finished. Sorted. Done and dusted.

What is your biggest food temptation and how do you overcome it?

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