FREE 5-Day Mind & Body Reset

Would you like to get back on track with your healthy eating and self-care?
Then come and join my new free programme. We start on Monday the 26th of April.

The 5-Day Mind & Body Reset will be like a mini home spa. 😍

I’ll provide not only recipes and nutrition info.
When you join the bespoke Facebook group you’ll also receive daily fitness and wellness tips to help you make lasting lifestyle changes.

After all, a bunch of weight loss friendly recipes is great, but they’re not the complete solution.
Therefore let me share a few real-life strategies so in future you might make better choices for your health.

And doing this type of programme together as a group is way more fun too.
Group programmes are well known to be better for accountability, social support and a fabulous place to connect with like-minded women.
So sign up here.
Join us in the group, do some preliminary food shopping and prepping so you’ll be ready to start with us on Monday the 26th.

Any questions? Please email me at and I’ll help.
See you over on the other side πŸ˜‰