How to get rid of your CarbPhobia (whist still keeping an eye on them)



Several years ago I had CarbPhobia.

But I wasn’t the only one.

There were millions that freaked out when they saw a grain of rice or were offered a slice of bread. 


We were weighing out everything, counting grams of carbs and closed our eyes when walking past the bread section in the supermarket.

Meanwhile we were scoffing down meat, fat, eggs, egg whites and whipped cream as if there was no tomorrow.  OMG.

The real carb freaks were even testing their urine and were only ever happy when they reached ketosis [an undesirable…dare I say dangerous, condition. It’s characterized by raised levels of ketones and associated with abnormal fat metabolism and type 2 diabetes]

After truckloads of people were taken to hospitals with kidney problems, increased cholesterol levels, blocked arteries and heart attacks, we were told: well, uhhhh, the latest science reports show that this diet wasn’t such a good idea after all. Let’s just all get back to eating some carbs.

Then what happened?

People did not read the word ‘some’. They swapped over to scoffing down bread, pasta, bagels, white rice, cereals, pasta, sugar, fat free cookies, fat free cakes…….and got big.

So. What’s the go here?

Are carbs good for weight loss or are they bad?

Yes and no. It depends.

(You knew I’d say that)

Eating a diet with the right kind of carbs is the little-known secret to getting and staying slim for life. 

Eat carbs that are high fibre, because then they’re low glycaemic [not increasing your fat layering hormones].

Eat them as unprocessed as possible and consume some ‘resistant starch’ .When you have 5 minutes, click on that link and read some important info.

Hundreds of studies conducted at respected universities and research centres have now shown that when you eat some of the above healthy type of carbs you tend to eat less, have less cravings, burn more calories, feel more energized and less stressed, sleep better and lower your cholesterol.

That sounds good, no?

spelt bread That, by the way, is my own home made Spelt bread. Recipe anyone? Drop me an email and I send it to you. Not the bread. I send the recipe 😉

All trim and healthy populations of people throughout human history have obtained the bulk of their calories from high fibre grains and other starchy vegetables. Meat was consumed in small quantities when available.

Unless of course  you belonged to the overweight aristocracy who liked to show off their wealth by eating lots of meat. Look at how sick Henry VIII ended up. He loved his meat.

However, if you eat a large amount of the wrong carbs, like processed grains, processed cereals, sugar, lots of bread, rice, pasta, crackers, bagels, and biscuits etc….That’s definitely NOT good for you. You become overweight and in some cases, pretty sick. 

Therefore let’s talk about the right amounts of good carbs for people that have a weight issue and wish to trim down.

If you’re a person who rides in the Tour de France [consuming about 6000 to 10,000 calories a day] or you belong to that rather enviable small group of women who can eat as much as they want and never put on weight, please leave the room. You don’t need advice.

But the rest of us, we must take heed and ensure that the carbs we eat are the right type and the right amount.

And here’s the trick I learned after helping so many people lose weight for over 30 years.

To lose weight whilst eating lean meat, chicken, fish and some dairy, you should reduce the carbs to low or moderate amounts. So it’s either one or the other: meat with less carbs…or plant based with more carbs. One cannot have it both ways.

For the average female wanting to lose weight, the following is a good guideline. Mind you, this is generic….I simply want to point out the difference of how to adjust carbs.

I think you’ll see what I mean.

Standard, meat eater’s regime: 

Breakfast: Smoothie made with unsweetened almond milk, chia seeds, a few baby spinach leaves, berries, 30g oats made into porridge with water, cinnamon plus a splash of dairy milk, pomegranate seeds.

Mid morning: Apple with 2 small cubes lite cheese

Lunch: 1 mug of home made veg soup with 6 croutons, plus green salad with a small piece of chicken breast, some delicious dressing…

Afternoon: boiled egg, teaspoon low fat mayo, celery stick, 2 small crackers

Dinner: grilled salmon, asparagus, broccoli, small baked sweet potato or half a cup brown rice

After dinner: green tea, unsweetened yogurt with a pear


Now to a vegan meal plan. Because we’re cutting out chicken, egg, dairy and salmon we are saving a whopping 450 calories, depending on the size of the chicken breast and fish.

We can replace those with some carbs.


Breakfast: Smoothie with unsweetened almond milk, a few leaves of baby spinach, 1 spoon vegan vanilla protein powder, chia seeds, ½ a banana. 40g oats made into porridge with water, cinnamon and almond milk, 1 rounded teaspoon almond butter, ½ cup berries  [can go into smoothie or  on top of porridge]

Midmorning: Apple with a small handful mixed nuts and raisins

Lunch: 1 mug of home made veg soup with 6 croutons, large salad mixed with half a cup of whole wheat spiral pasta, ½ cup chickpeas topped with vegan mayonnaise

Afternoon: 2 seeded Ryvitas [those large square crackers, not little measly ones]  generously topped with hummus, sliced tomato, carrot sticks, celery sticks

Dinner: Generous serving veg curry prepared with coconut milk, ½ cup lentils and ¾ cup brown rice

After dinner: green tea, small vegan blueberry muffin  or vegan yogurt with a few grapes.

Eat only one. Not the whole tray 😆

Eating this type of vegan plan will save you more calories than the 1st suggested plan with the chicken, egg and salmon. And yet you won’t notice that you’re eating less calories.

Why? Because the servings are generous and more filling because  they’re high fibre and thus you won’t feel hungry.

People on a low meat and dairy or on plant based plans lose more weight faster. And improve their health.

To me, that’s very good news.

Any questions?

Please contact me. I’d love to help.

Visit me in my facebook group for more tips. Not a member yet? As to join here


Until next time, yours in health

Nicki Kelly.

Vegan Wellness Coach

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