Here’s a secret…

I’d like to share a secret with you.

Well, now that I’m writing to you about it, it’s not going to be a secret anymore, is it?

But I wanted to talk to you about the Perfect Weight Loss Plan.

Have you noticed that there’s sooooo much information and mis-information when it comes to choosing the right one? There are books, gurus, groups and bloggers. And how about all those health and wellness coaches and famous doctors… each one with their own *must-do* recommendations that are complete opposites?

We get utterly scared off by high starch, low starch, yes fat, no fat..OMG. Enough to drive you crazy.

So here’s the big secret: sadly, there’s not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ type weight loss plan. Believe me. After doing this job for 35 years, I’ve seen the light…..

And up until now we believed we had the answer: we thought that clear genetic predispositions allowed us to pretty much predict whether a person will lose more weight on low carb or low fat plans.

But even that theory was recently put to bed. In the Feb. 20 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association they wrote: “Eating for your genetic type only offers a minor weight loss improvement”

Hmmmm… How disappointing 😐 .

However, there was a plan that was more successful than another…

So which one was it?

Research points us to sugar free  eating plans using unprocessed, natural foods that meet your nutrient needs, but create a calorie deficit.

However, it has to be a calorie controlled plan that you LOVE and and can stick to on an ongoing basis.

Getting you to follow a ‘genetically appropriate’ plan that you utterly dislike, won’t work too well.  No matter how scientifically correct it may be.

Therefore, do you enjoy plant based eating? Cool.
That’s a great start.

Better check out the Standard Plant Based Menu for Weight Loss. Click that link. It shows you a balanced meal plan and moderates calories via sensible serving sizes.

And guess what?  You don’t even have to omit starchy foods or fats.

No deprivation around here.

And if you belong to my free weight loss group in Facebook, to see how successful it is, you can look at the before and after images in Announcements. Jaw droppingly motivational.

Until next time,  yours in Health,
Nicki Kelly.
Vegan Wellness Coach

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