I’ve got some good news and some bad news

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So which one do you want first?

Well, because I can’t hear your answer, I’ll just pick one, shall I?

I’ll pick the bad news first.

Did you know you inherited a huge bunch of genes from your parents? Oh, you did? Ok. Then you also know that some of those genes might not be too crash hot.

Let’s say that they’ve passed on the VERY frustrating genes of creating high cholesterol or heart disease even by you eating boiled chicken breast and lettuce leaves. Or a tendency to get type 2 diabetes even if you never go near a pink donut….or to gain body fat by simply walking past a delicatessen? Like I used to.

But what do you do when you’re dealt the wrong cards?

  • Give up and just accept your fate?
  • Get seriously p**sed off with your parents?
  • Or start fighting back like Cat Woman with pmt?

I did the latter.

Because you see, (and here comes the good news):

Environmental influences CAN switch these nasty genes off.

What does this mean? It means that with a bit of extra effort you can tell these genes to stop bugging you and just turn off. Give them the flick and send them on their way.

What you eat and how you conduct your life can change your gene ‘expression’ as they call it. Your genes are not your destiny. You can use food and exercise to become healthier, leaner, increase your life span, feel better and glow!

Every meal you eat instantly starts a cascade of actions. If you’ve eaten an unhelpful meal, your cells will not be supported to renew or strengthen or repair. But when you eat something healthy, your cells will do the right thing.still-life

Therefore, while you cannot control which genes you inherit, you can have a say in whether they become activated or shut down by the way you live your life.

Overwhelming evidence from hundreds of scientific studies has shown that a balanced plant based diet can reduce the risk of a variety of chronic diseases and weight problems. ‘Functional Foods’ such as citrus fruit, garlic, broccoli, green tea, spinach etc. etc. all have different components that directly normalise certain genes that for whatever reasons, have gone off the rails.

Yep, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

You CAN change the dud cards that your parents dealt you and win the war.

But it also works the other way around. [Insert scary background music from the movie Shark] 

It could be that your lovely parents gave you shiny, happy, healthy DNA and genes…..but what did you do with them? You destroyed them by eating and drinking stupid stuff. Like alcohol…which causes 7 types of cancer.

Cancer Research UK tells me that around 12K new cases per year are linked to alcohol.


Other health disruptors are toxic skin care, household cleaners, fried foods, using the wrong oils and heating them up to smoke point, processed meats, artificial colourings, flavourings and processed foods, pesticides…OMG…the list goes on and on…they can make you extremely sick if you’re genes are not healthy enough to fight them off.

It’s like playing Russian roulette if you are eating, drinking and living in free fall.

So what’s the message? You probably already know: next time you go to the supermarket, fill up your trolley with the right items. Eat well, go for a walk each day, lift some weights, sleep well, and minimise the use of toxic things around your home or on your body.


Your genes will be so happy…….

Yours in Health and Skinny Genes, oh sorry, I mean in Skinny Jeans

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