How not to fall off the wagon over weekends

Do you go a bit crazy with food and drink over the weekend?

Shock horror: falling off the wagon on occasions is a given and totally normal. Because, hey, you’re only ever one meal away from eating in the Zone again [as Dr Sears used to say]

However it depends how hard you fall off and how often. If it was a jaw dropping monumental fall, and it happens nearly every weekend, then think about this:

Maybe right now you don’t really care THAT much about your goal [weight loss, health]. It might simply not be the time for you to make sweeping lifestyle changes.  If it was, then you wouldn’t fall off the wagon in such a spectacular way.

Let me find a comparison.

For instance, because of my past weight issues and my family history of heart problems, I really, REALLY care that I don’t eat any deep fried, high calorie foods. Therefore, there’s just NO WAY that I’d fall off the wagon at a party, restaurant or whatever situation and eat deep fried, dripping-with-oil foods. 

This type of commitment needs to become a deep seated decision of yours as well. Decide that YOU [insert your name here………] do not, either on the weekends or during the week, fall off the wagon, drink too much alcohol or eat too many high calorie unhelpful meals because …..?

Yep..there needs to be a very strong ‘because’ type reason.

Solution:  create a solid goal that you really want to achieve with all your heart. Find the ironclad reason to stick to it. Be passionate about reaching your desired outcome. Any vague thoughts of: ‘I should be eating better’…will not cut it.  

*The next problem to overcome: if you’ve been too restrictive with your eating plan through the week, your body will push to break free on the weekends from that trap.

You won’t be able to say ‘no’ to temptation if your body is screaming for food and better nourishment.

Solution: eat well and cut back on calories sensibly. Don’t go starving yourself. Give your body what it needs throughout the week, so it doesn’t take its revenge on the weekends.

*Going out on an empty stomach? That’s a sure way to fall off the wagon.

Solution: Before your event or outing, eat something filling and tasty. Make sure you’re hydrated so your brain is fully functioning and hasn’t shut down. When it’s hydrated and you’ve given it something nourishing to work with, it won’t be blinded and can make sensible decisions.

*How about those of you who are staying home and eating badly over the weekend? You relax your body and your mind, and suddenly you relax the eating boundaries….Well, it’s ok to relax them, but not abandon them. 

Solution:  Fill up your fridge and pantry with seriously healthy and tasty foods.  That way you have only the right stuff to pick on…Crowd out the bad foods by filling up on good foods.  Don’t lurk in the kitchen but instead take part in some fun activities besides eating. 

And don’t forget to have some treats once in a while. That way you won’t ever have to feel that you’re missing out…

Meanwhile I’m off to have my Sunday afternoon slice of home made banana bread. Oh, it’s not Sunday? Never mind….a thin slice will not hurt. I’ll wash it down with a herbal tea…Surely then that’s ok..

Until the next time. 

Yours in Health,

  Nicki Kelly.


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