Oat Cookie

Oat Cookie

Oat Cookie

  • Author: acerockcola.com


Well, I never knew this: by simply squishing together oats and bananas, one can bake a cookie. Mind boggling.
Two ingredients? You cannot really call it a recipe, can you. It’s like calling buttered toast a recipe.
Anyway, it’s vegan, no sugar, no oil. If you use gluten free oats,..cookie becomes gluten free.
I added a pinch of sea salt, some nuts and raisins to mine.
A few drops of natural vanilla and or cinnamon …..and then you have a Gourmet Oat Cookie.
I also saw on the web that people added choc chips (living it up!) 2 flat tablespoons peanut butter or coconut shreds.

Add anything.. Just don’t add sugar. Not needed.



  • 2 large VERY ripe bananas with dark spots. The brown spots mean that they are nice and sweet.
  • 2 cups oats


  1. Pre-heat oven to about 350F or 180C
  2. Mash your bananas.
  3. Add oats.
  4. Mix.
  5. Form into little cookie shapes.
  6. Place onto a lined baking sheet.
  7. Place into oven.
  8. Bake 15 minutes.
  9. That’s it. Finished.
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