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How's the healthy eating going? Could it be a little better?Then I've got some solutions for you...

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It's a great short programme which you can use over and over again when you feel that your eating habits need 'rebooting' or when your weight loss stalls.


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Ready to dial up your confidence and fit into that sexy dress? Then begin your journey here.Unlike a diet, this 2-week plant-based adventure teaches you how to prepare and eat healthy foods that are filling and delicious.KickStart your weight loss with this fun and easy programme without ever having to count a single calorie!

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ReVitalise Bundle

Want to combine the discounted 4-week ReVitalise program with additional resources at no extra cost??Then look no further and purchase the Ultimate Weight Loss Bundle, a combination of the ReVitalise programme PLUS 2 helpful companion programmes.

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About Nicki

I am a vegan weight loss coach with over 30 years of experience under my belt. I am passionate about helping people with their nutrition and weight loss. I keep studying on a regular basis to ensure I keep up-to-date with all the latest scientific information so I can help you better. The office wall now sports various new diplomas: Detox Specialist, Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Specialist, Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition Adviser and Nutritional Therapist.

How I can help you

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Nicki's Vegan Wellness Club

You're not alone on this journey to wellness.

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Love your support

I'm pleased to say I've lost a total of 3 stone (my husband had lost roughly the same) since last November, and I competed in my first triathlon on Sunday!!! You really have changed the way I view food and the importance of taking care of my body.

Kelly. B

You're the best coach

Working with you has been fantastic in so many ways. Your knowledge and dedication is just fabulous, you go above and beyond what I expected. Your plan addresses body, mind, and soul and that really contributed to my success… You are always there with information and support, from menus to health issues, this experience was worth every penny and more

Rebecca McQ

I'm forever grateful

My health issues are getting better. Some have disappeared completely. I'm sleeping better after years of not sleeping. It has been very interesting and I have learned so much from you. I didn't realise how unhealthy I was until I started this. If I hadn't done this I think I was heading for some serious health issues

Jill. B