The Ultimate Revitalise Bundle

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Want to combine the discounted 4-week ReVitalise program with additional resources at no extra cost??

Then look no further and purchase the Ultimate Weight Loss Bundle, a combination of the ReVitalise programme PLUS 2 helpful companion programmes.

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Struggling to lose those stubborn pounds with short term JumpStarts?

Tired of trying crazy diets that leave you hungry, confused and don’t work long term?


Then just look at this offer because this can help to stop your diet yo-yoing:

The Ultimate 4 Week Weight Loss Bundle

Here I’ve combined the 4-week ReVitalise plan with two additional companion programmes for you.
One is called ‘Salad in a Jar’. It will show you how you can both save time and boost your health by using quick and easy salad recipes you can prepare ahead.

The other programme is called ‘Eating with Intention’. It’s a special handout I created for you to help you dig a little deeper to better understand the reasons for your eating habits and how to change them.


This bundle of programmes is for those of you who are ready to make changes they can live with FOREVER and experience sustainable weight control without those annoying side effects.


With these 3 programmes, you’ll learn simple step-by-step strategies that you can EASILY implement.

They will help you to:

  • Lose weight and get back into shape
  • Feel more energized (and help avoid that dreaded afternoon slump)
  • Slip into your favourite jeans again (without the help of that pesky sewing machine)
  • Fuel your body without ever feeling deprived
  • Get to know yourself better and learn some mindful eating techniques.


All this without crazy tricks, pills, potions or gimmicks!

Instead, this is the smart woman’s way to get her weight under control once and for all.

I know how difficult it can be to make health and lifestyle changes on your own.  But now you’ll be plugged into a community of people that share your same goals.  And I’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

I’d love it if you could join us!


These programs would usually cost:

ReVitalise – £89

Salad in a Jar Programme – £9

Eating with Intention Programme – £12.99

TOTAL £110.99


However, for a short time, you can purchase the 3 combined programmes for just £71

Buying them as part of the ultimate weight loss bundle you’ll be saving yourself important £’s which you can use to go towards your slim clothes!
Need more info? Check out ReVitalise over here or email me at


Ready to get going?

Then click ‘buy’ and we’ll get started.

Because I’m so confident that you’ll love the programme, I’m willing to forego the usual legal T&Cs clause of ‘no refunds for digital downloads.’

I offer you a no-fuss, cheerful refund if you change your mind within the first two weeks.

You have nothing to lose except those extra pounds!