Vegan Protein Powder

This Peanut Butter Flavour Everyday Protein Powder is 100% natural & tasty. Perfectly blended to reduce the earthy taste usually associated with other dairy-free protein shakes. The powder is cut finer, which makes it super smooth and easily drinkable and digestible, even with just water. This flavour is perfect for the peanut butter lovers out there!

No preservatives and sweeteners, just raw organic vegan protein. No chemicals, no sweeteners, no dairy and no junk. Stay fuller for longer by adding Vive vegan powder to your porridge, smoothies and other recipes to boost your protein intake.

Gluten free. Dairy free. Soya free & Suitable for Vegans.

Blended and packed in the UK, Vive’s 100% natural protein powders are made with the finest ingredients. It’s lovingly blended with care in small batches, to the highest standards.