Sensible Snacking Solutions

sensible snacking solutions

Yes, yes, we all know….A piece of fresh fruit is always a good standby for a sensible snacking solutions. However, after a while you may need something else to snack on. I know I do. 

Intelligent, premeditated snack options can be an important tool that prevent you from jumping off the bandwagon.

Hungry or craving ‘something’?

Choose one of the options below and stay on track:

½ cup of strawberries with ½ cup of low fat yogurt, sprinkled with almond flakes

A protein shake made with chilled green tea. It’s actually not as weird as it sounds.

1 Baked red apple with cinnamon and a few raisins

2 Scottish oat cakes (they are not really a ‘cake’ are they?) with thin spread of peanut butter

1 frozen, over ripe banana mashed up in food blender until creamy. Top with a few flaked almonds or cocoa nibs and voila, a delicious dessert! I use three or four frozen bananas at the same time and divide them into portions.

Have you tried frozen grapes? Yum. Half a cup with 4 walnut halves.

Another frozen, but crazy snack idea I read about: small banana, sliced, spread them out on tray lined with baking paper, press one single choc chip into each slice with a very small piece of walnut and freeze. Eat these slices on a hot day. Unless you live in Scotland, like I do. We do not have hot days. So just eat them any day.

25g oats, some water, made into a porridge, dash almond milk, a few blue berries and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Porridge as a snack? Why not?

3 sm squares of 80% dark chocolate  Image result for dark chocolate

12 almonds (no, it’s not boring)

Smoothie: ½ cup banana, ¼ cup dairy free yogurt, a few drops of natural vanilla essence, 1 handful of ice cubes….made into a smoothie

More delicious smoothies to come in a future blog page…Even some dreaded GREEN smoothie.

Personally, I love them   🙂   Why? Because I don’t always feel like chomping my way through fresh salad and raw vegetables

A green smoothie is delicious and nutritious…..and very easy to drink.

But let’s continue on the snack list:

  • 3 sticks of celery filled with low fat hummus
  • A bowl of homemade fat free veggie soup
  • Oven baked pita chips (use half a small pita bread) and make a dip with 2 tablespoons hummus, a pinch of curry powder and fine sea salt.
  • 25 gr chunk of vegan cheese… with a few cherry tomatoes
  • 100g low sugar tinned baked beans with some celery and carrot stick

Do you have some other sensible snacking solutions that should go onto this list?


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