Serial Dieter?

Are you a serial dieter? 

I was. 

I tried every sexy sounding new diet that came out. Anything that promised faster, easier results, I was totally into it. 

Result?  Within weeks after stopping those ‘magic’ solutions, I was back to where I started from. Namely BIG.

But you probably knew that. And I think that even you’ve been in the same boat at some stage. 

Most of us would love to find a quick solution that will not only deliver fast results, but be permanent.

So why on earth are we so attracted to crazy fad diets, even when deep down we actually know that’s not the answer? I suppose because we’d like an easy way out with instant results. 

Sadly fad diets, including the popular ‘not eating’ diets [fasting] are nutritionally deficient, don’t work for permanent weight loss AND often disturb your metabolism. So in my books, they are to be avoided. 

There is no fast elevator to a permanent slim body. You need to take the steps.

I know. Not so exciting. 😕  Not so sexy. Does not sound magical.

But you know, …in the end it actually is. Because if you eat the right way, boosting your health with amazing plant foods, retrain your eating habits so they become a part of who you are, then sustainable weight loss can be finally yours. And oh boy, that is such a good feeling. A great space to be in. 


And once I finally got that, I stopped being a serial dieter. I sat back, went for the bumpy road, one meal at a time, I hid my bathroom scales and said to myself: this is how I am going to eat from now on. This is my ‘forever diet’. Not a short term plan, but my new way of eating. 

And you know what happened? After several months of cruising along, even with the odd relaxed boundary meal out with friends and family, I woke up one day and saw that I was actually slim. Me. Slim.

And what a novel feeling that was! From the age of 5, I had been ’round’. There were of course short periods in my life when I was less round, but I had never been slim.

Even now, after several decades of keeping my weight stable without any further corrective diets, it sounds so nice: I am slim.  

And the cool thing was: I hadn’t fretted about eating OR weight loss…and I still got there. In a healthy way.

Healthy for my body.

And healthy for my mind.

None of those fretting moments that then decided the mood of the rest of my day: had a lost another pound? 

You can do this as well. It’s more of an attitude thing. You need to get into the mental ‘zone’ of eating healthy food in the right amounts. 

You’ll also notice that when you follow a clean and healthy eating plan, you don’t actually get attracted to damaging junk food. Even if you have one or two ‘off plan’ meals a week, you’ll get the slim body that you had longed for anyway. 

It might be a bit slower than you’d wished for, and your eating plan may not have a fancy name, but the result….?

It’s so worth it. 

Until next time, yours in Health,

Nicki Kelly. 
Vegan Wellness Coach

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Barbara Owens
6 years ago

Thanks for sharing. Hugs barbara

Sue Halfyard
6 years ago

Great blog.
I know this makes so much sense and it worked for me for a while. Then I went on holiday and allowed myself too many relaxed boundary meals. I need to work on my mental attitude to find out why I’m sabotaging myself.

6 years ago

You are always the voice of reason and sensibility. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Becky Downing
6 years ago

I haven’t given up the scale yet, but I find I am comfortable eating WFPB still after 7 months. Went on a cruise (12 day) and spent a week visiting in England and got on the scale yesterday (a week after returning home) to see that I hadn’t gained weight, but lost another pound or so! I was so pleased and happy to learn that I could enjoy a vacation and not gain weight with this wonderful way of eating. How I wish I hadn’t spent decades fretting and suffering one diet after another when this simple, straightforward solution was available.

Thank you for all that you do to encourage us and share your knowledge, Nicki