Shock! Horror! A Real Weight Loss Coach on a DIET?

Shocked woman Hi!

I  bet that’s the face you pulled when you read that headline. You probably couldn’t believe it.

But yep, I admit: there was a time when I was unable to keep my weight and health under control. Sometimes I had to use some gentle dietary intervention.

When I went to school, I was BIG. And in those days we didn’t have many big kids at school. As a matter of fact, I was the only overweight kid in my class.

I did not like that. Not one bit.

I finally fixed my weight in my late teens. And because I wanted to help others achieve the same, I completed my first nutrition course at the age of 30. One of many more to come.

But even though I ate the ‘standard’ diet that was being recommended to the entire western world, including to my own clients, something just wasn’t right.

I noticed that every year a couple of kilos crept back up.

I tried to find a sustainable way of eating by following various options (no starvation or fad diets!!!!) like lower calories, lower carbs, higher carbs and lower fat, higher fat and higher protein….I think you get the idea.

And yet, every year, like clockwork….there were those additional 2 kilos again that I did not want.

Does that happen to you? .

Well, many years ago I tried something different: whole food, high fibre plant based eating with minimal fats.


No more high cholesterol or up and down blood sugars.  Never hungry. No cravings. No more upward creeping weight. Plus I have energy for two and can sleep like a log.  😆

How good is that?

This has taught me 2 things:
#1 We’re all different and not all weight loss or eating regimes suit everyone
#2 If you find that you cannot sustain your healthy weight, it is time to try something else

How about a veggie plan?

By the way….whole food, plant based eating….or CLEAN eating…does not mean you go to prison and never eat animal based foods again (Unless you choose to do so. Like I did.)

There are many “flexitarians” that enjoy awesome meals eating clean vegan or vegetarian meals on most days, but eat some meat or fish a couple times per week. It works.

So if you want to give it a go, even for just one or two days a week…come across to my facebook group and pick up some tips….We’ll even have a couple of short free Clean Eating Challenges soon….Who knows? Maybe your body would also love to receive more plant goodness and ditch some of the animal based stuff.

Do you need more info? Email me.

I’d love to help.

Until next time, Yours in Health,

Nicki Kelly.
The Vegan Wellness Coach

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6 years ago

Thank you for your nod to “flexitarianism!” I’m not 100% vegan, but my diet is night & day from where it used to be in terms of WFPB and eliminating animal products. I get weary of folks who take the stand that if you’re not 100% vegan, you might as well not even try. Really??! And then you have someone like Caldwell Esselstyn who says something like “moderation is deadly.” Oh brother – makes me so frustrated. If you compared my diet where I eat animal foods a few times/week with the standard “American” diet, would I really be no better off than your average person who eats crap? I’m just venting. I get tired of the “snooty” vegans looking down their noses at me for not being 100%. 🙂