Real Simple Daily Detox

simple daily detox bathAre you eyeing off that expensive box of fancy pixie dust for a home detox? C’mon. Put it back on the shelf. Often they are just a big waste of money. Instead, try this real simple daily detox.

Simply follow these 4 daily practices and they’ll help you to increase your body’s ability to remove toxins for way less money than some of those boxes that promise miracles!

Combined with healthy plant based eating, you’ll be detoxing both from the inside and outside! A simple daily detox is all you need.

#1 Banish Bad Breath

Upon rising, brush your teeth and scrape your tongue. Did you know that you will remove more sticky plaque from your mouth with a metal tongue scraper than you will by brushing your teeth? Don’t bother doing this with the back of your plastic toothbrush. That’s just child’s play. Get serious. Buy a metal scraper.

Here’s a 2 minute video to show you how it’s done.  

Do this before you put anything into your belly.

#2 Rinse Your Belly

I’m sure you know that a clean digestive system works so much more efficiently than a clogged up, gummy one. To make this happen, it’s best to start with a ‘clean stomach’ in the morning. Drink 16 ounces of warm water first thing or about two cups. This will have three primary effects on your body. Sounds simple doesn’t it so far, well this is a simple daily detox.

Number One – Okay, actually it’s about ‘number two’. It’s especially helpful to promote bowel movement and train the body so it will eliminate more easily.

Do you have to add lemon?  No. Will it hurt to add lemon? No. 

Do you need to add ginger, turmeric or Apple cider vinegar? No, no and no. But if you like to, go ahead. Just make sure the water is body temperature because that will give the greatest benefit.

Number Two – Clean warm,  body temperature water first thing in the morning will help to clear out any leftovers in the stomach. This way yesterday’s food that may not have fully digested will not mix with today’s undigested food, kind of like getting a new plate for your breakfast instead of using the dirty one from last night’s dinner. 😛 

And number three – It hydrates you! Your body wakes up dehydrated. It’s been starved for water for around 8 hours. Because optimally, your body is about 70% water. And if you start your day with all your internal electrical systems flowing, you will think better. Which means you will make better food choices.  And that’s a bonus, no?

#3 Dry body brushing

Did you know that about 1/3 of your body’s toxins are eliminated through your skin? Let’s help it to do its job properly.
Purchase a large natural, cruelty free body brush. As vegans, we like to use natural cactus brushes or similar. I’ll teach you how to loosen dry skin, exfoliate and stimulate your lymphatic system.  And as an added benefit, because this gives you improved blood flow, you end up with silky smooth skin that has less cellulite.  😀 

Stand in the bath or on a bathmat and start brushing at your feet and moving in long sweeping motions toward your heart. 
Gently brush several times in each area, overlapping as you go.

Take care as you brush over more sensitive areas, like breasts. Your skin will become less sensitive the more you dry brush. Ahhh, doesn’t this feel invigorating?

Then do this:

#4 Oil up!

The daily practice of ‘Ayurvedic Abhyanga’ is a hot oil self-massage. This one practice will nourish your skin and body on a level that is superior to any other skin treatment. 

How to Abhyanga 101

Once you start the habit, you’ll find it doesn’t take long to add it to you daily morning routine. Begin by warming your massage oil to body temperature. Try virgin coconut oil. 

Pour a small amount into your hand and add oil as you need it.

Massage into hands. Then begin with the neck, working your way down towards your feet, because this routine is a ‘grounding’ massage. Long strokes on the bones and circular strokes on the joints. Until you reach the feet. 

This practice is a grounding massage. 

When done and you have extra time, allow the oil to penetrate. Sit quietly, cut your nails, or listen to a meditation tape or if short on time, hop into a warm shower and let the water rinse over you.


The warm water will open your pores and press the oil into the skin. This is not only nourishing but protective. If you want to use soap, use it on your armpits and privates. There’s enough chlorine and other detergents in the warm water to clean you.  

When finished, gently pat your skin dry and enjoy the glow!

These are such simple and gorgeous ways of taking care of your body that will promote daily detox in a toxic world.  And cheaper too! No more expensive, complicated detox’s. Instead, just a real simple daily detox.

Don’t forget to check out my plant based diet plans if you’re thinking of trying any vegan diets or check my blog for more amazing articles like this one.

Enjoy them!

Until next time, yours in health

Nicki Kelly

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Catherine Crawford
5 years ago

Hi Nicki
This is just great! I have a body brush but just haven’t been bothering to use it so i shall dust it off – it even sits in the shower room! How lazy is that?

Sue Halfyard
5 years ago

Time to dust off my body brush, too – it stares at me every day, willing me to pick it up and use it! 🙂