Sugar addiction? It’s not your fault because…..

I know.

I’ve already written about this before. But I’m sorry.

I must talk to you about SUGAR again.

Because I get asked about it all the time, I thought we should dig into this issue a bit deeper.

Sugar. Is it really the ‘devil incarnate’? Why are we so cranky with it?

And why are there sooooo many books, courses and challenges to ditch sugar addiction?

It’s because sugar acts like a drug.

It stimulates the reward centre in your brain, much like heroin, cigarettes and alcohol etc. Thus it’s very addictive.
And if we get hooked and eat it in excess, it rots our teeth, it makes us gain weight and it seriously upsets our health.

If you find yourself attracted to it: well, it’s not your fault! The thing is this: your brain uses a form of sugar for its fuel. And it cannot store it. It needs a constant small supply.

Already since cavemen roamed the earth, sweet things like honey, berries and other fruit were considered a delicacy. The brain told them so. Its need for regular supply makes us to seek out foods that can be easily converted into brain fuel. It’s a natural, built in drive.


bowl of fruit

Because basically: no sugar, no energy = no brain function. Then you faint or go to heaven.

So when you’re actually properly hungry [not driven by unnatural cravings] you receive the strong message from your brain: ‘Hey, give me fuel, or else!’

But if you grab the most concentrated form of brain fuel, namely sugary, easily digested foods like pink donuts, muffins, chocolate bars etc. then your body gets used to this quick fix and becomes addicted. It will not leave you alone anymore….It will constantly nag you to find the next quick hit. Just like with alcohol or drugs.

When the pleasure centre in your brain becomes addicted and your cells have been damaged…then you will have to take steps to come off this rollercoaster.
Here are some good tips you can use:
#1 Do NOT keep it in the house or at work. It is to be looked upon as ‘poison’ until you kick the sugar habit and therefore it should not be easily available.

#2 Train your brain: “You want me to give you easy to digest poison sugar? Well, you won’t get it. Here, have this lovely fruit instead. Enjoy.”

Eventually it will get the message. It takes about 4 weeks. I’m talking from experience. Not just my own but from my clients’.



#3 Sleep more and reduce your stress levels. HUH? Yep. Being sleep deprived creates irrational cravings for sugar.

#4 And this is the most interesting tip: if you give your brain healthy, wholefoods rich with glutamine or chromium, it shuts off its craving activity.

In rehab centres they give glutamine or a combo with chromium to alcoholics. It makes the brain shut up.

But do not start supplementing with these in pill form unless the precise dosages have been worked out for you, or else they could be harmful.

Food is they medicine!

Ok, now you’ll probably want to know the healthy foods containing these two components.

GLUTAMINE is destroyed by heat. Therefore please eat raw foods each day. Good sources are:

All green leafy veg, like parsley, spinach and cabbage. For a loaded dose of this amino acid, add cabbage to your juicing.  Beans and legumes are a also good source.

CHROMIUM can be found in small amounts in a variety of vegetables but brazil nuts, pears, and tomato give you a good higher dose..

When you eat a variety of unprocessed, plant based foods you reset your hunger hormones and get rid of cravings. What a great reason to go vegan….

Have you joined my Facebook group yet? No? Please go HERE and ask to join. Because soon we’ll be doing a 5-day Clean Eating Challenge and a Smoothie Challenge. 
Both those will seriously tell your sugar addiction where to go 😉  Don’t forget! I’ll see you over there…..
Until next time, yours in health,

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