healthy eating

How not to fall off the wagon over weekends

Do you go a bit crazy with food and drink over the weekend?

Shock horror: falling off the wagon on occasions is a given and totally normal. Because, hey, you’re only ever one meal away from eating in the Zone again [as Dr Sears used to say]

However it depends how hard you fall off and how often. If it was a jaw dropping monumental fall, and it happens nearly every weekend, then think about this:

Maybe right now you don’t really care THAT much about your goal [weight loss, health]. It might simply not be the time for you to make sweeping lifestyle changes.  If it was, then you wouldn’t fall off the wagon in such a spectacular way.

Since when is HUNGER embarrassing?


I think many of you have forgotten that hunger is actually a totally natural thing. It is not something that you need to worry about, highlight or cover up, be ashamed of, be angry with or analyse too much. It just happens. Like feeling cold..You’d add a layer of clothing. Or feel too hot …you take off a layer of clothing.

Hunger. It its simplest form, your brain is telling you that your body is running low on nutrients and needs a top up. Like the fuel gauge in your car telling you it’s time to fill up. And you always respond to that……without attaching an emotion to it.

I’ve got some good news and some bad news

So which one do you want first?

Well, because I can’t hear your answer, I’ll just pick one, shall I?

I’ll pick the bad news first.

Did you know you inherited a huge bunch of genes from your parents? Oh, you did? Ok. Then you also know that some of those genes might not be too crash hot.

Let’s say that they’ve passed on the VERY frustrating genes of creating high cholesterol or heart disease even by you eating boiled chicken breast and lettuce leaves. Or a tendency to get type 2 diabetes even if you never go near a pink donut….or to gain body fat by simply walking past a delicatessen? Like I used to.