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Getting back on track: A Practical Guide

If you’re struggling to get back on track with healthy eating, don’t get discouraged. Many of us experience this. Yes, it can be challenging, but…it’s not impossible to fix. In this practical guide, I’ll share some of the tips people have used successfully after falling off the wagon. Hopefully you’ll find a few that will work for you as well.

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Belly Fat: 5 Sneaky Reasons It Sticks Around

Are you tired of battling stubborn belly fat? Then have a look at this article to see some of the reasons why belly fat loves to stick around. It will also provide you with actionable tips on how to fix this problem. It addresses the impact of age, genetics, the role of stress and more.
Click to read the full article and find some solutions that you can start using straight away.


Here’s a page from one of my future programmes, called Rejuvenation & Transformation Roadmap.


That’s when we tend to make the biggest nutrition blunders.

I’ve been thinking about the reasons and I came up with this: often we do not get prepared for them.

We tend to snack at the spur of a moment. Do you agree?

Suddenly a thought pops into our head, like: ‘Hey, I want to eat something. Now.’

And then we may proceed and grab something totally unsuitable that’s either hanging around (think a cup cake that the kids left behind) or something that’s staring at us from a shop counter saying: ‘eat me, eat me,…just this once.’

But hey, that’s just not good enough.

Let’s get prepared for snacks as you do with your meals. (You do, don’t you?)

Doing Motivation The Right Way

Hello again,

Today I’m here to motivate you! I bet some of you forgot to do that this morning.

Think of your daily daily dose of healthy-eating motivation like getting dressed in the morning.

Don’t leave home without your motivation on.

If you do, you’ll be sorry! At the first opportunity of temptation you might be swayed to take the wrong road. Choice between apple or doughnut? You may choose the wrong one if your motivation or your will power has been left at home.

However, if you’re all topped up with buzzing, positive motivation to eat right, you’ll overcome the temptation for a short term flavour sensation.

Make a list of  WHY you want to eat right.