The Meaning of Wellness


What does Wellness mean to you?

Everyone’s answers are probably more complex than we first think.
Most likely the concept of wellness may mean something different to each one of us.

Is it simply being healthy without pain or discomfort? That’s just physical wellness.
Maybe it encompasses feeling financially secure or living and working in a safe environment without harassment or abuse.

Other women might define wellness by feeling loved, cherished and leading a happy and fulfilled life.
In my mind, Wellness has to include all the elements above and maybe even a few more.  And every single neglected one can impact other areas of one’s life.

However, whatever it means to YOU, in our forthcoming free 5 Day Mind & Body Reset starting April 26th we will not only address nutritional wellness by eating healthy unprocessed foods but also other pieces of the puzzle that make up wellness.

As always, I will provide a menu and recipes and offer health tips. The eating plan will support your physical health whilst your body is going through its natural detoxing process.


But the programme will also offer daily actionable steps on how to take your wellness to the next level beyond just eating better food.

And if you experience a setback, we will discuss tips so you can get back into ‘the groove’ without remaining stuck.

Because in life, setbacks do happen!

  • For instance, an injury can put a stop to your daily workouts.
    A family gathering can force you to overindulge.
    An emotionally stressed moment can upset your healthy eating habits.
    And someone may frustrate you and leave you in a bad mood for days, unable to sleep.

We can keep stressing about all the negatives in our life and replay the same bad story over and over again in our head.
OR we can learn from experiences and take steps to prevent the same problems from happening again the next time.

To take a closer look into overall wellness I hope you will take part in this free programme.
If you have questions, email me at and I will reply.

Meanwhile here are some initial thoughts until we go through the 5 Day Mind & Body Reset.

Forgive yourself for whatever made you ‘fall off the wagon’.
Guilt and anger aren’t helpful emotions. Use the experience to learn from it and move on as fast as you can instead of staying stuck.

Set new goals. Maybe the previous ones were not quite right for you. Or simply re-commit to your existing goals, pick yourself up and get going again.

Focus on your nutritional health and how to feel more vibrant and joyful rather than weighing yourself over and over again. Your wellness is not a number on the bathroom scales.

Keep yourself shielded from negative people. Seek out those who are positive, supportive and make you laugh.

Remove or change ‘things’ and relationships that don’t serve you anymore.

Practice Gratitude.
Regularly remind yourself of the positive aspects of your life instead of only focusing on areas that distress you.

To take part in our 5 Day Mind & Body Reset, please keep a lookout for the signup form.
It will be displayed each day in our Facebook group from the 18th of April onward.

Until then, hugs and green protein smoothies,
Nicki 🙂