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Vegan VIP Wellness Club

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Nicki's Vegan VIP Wellness Club

An Insider's Club for Body & Mind Wellness and Sustainable Weight Control

No more scrolling through websites or social media posts for information: get easy access to a growing archive of science-based nutrition content

Feel part of a tribe and connect with a like-minded community of women.

Get female-focused eating and weight management protocols, addressing both Mind & Body.

If you’ve ever struggled with trying to find evidence based no-hype wellness information, then this is your insider’s club.

This member-only site brings you the latest information on how to become the best version of you during any of your life stages.

If in the past you’ve lost motivation or willpower for self-care, we are here to reignite your passion for wellness.

Our membership offers you inspiration, weight management information, fitness info, nutrition articles and fun.

Let us help you reach your goals, fuel new ideas for your own situation and experience the joy that comes with being positive, connected and inspired.

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Hi, my name is Nicki Kelly and I created this club for YOU

Nicki march21

I’ve been passionate about nutrition and health for nearly 40 years. Over the decades I have not only improved my own wellness, but I’ve empowered thousands of women to do the same.

My background as a certified Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner, Detox Specialist and Plant-Based Nutrition Coach means that I have a lot of knowledge I can share with you. 

But over the past few years, I became aware that doing this on social media only wasn’t going to cut it anymore.
You could not see all my posts and you could not find the info you were interested in.

Enter our new Nicki’s Vegan Wellness Club.

I decided to create this unique space for us where all of you can easily find helpful articles, mini-plans, tips and tools that you can access instantly.
So if you wish to be in control of what you read, then join me here.

Let’s elevate our wellness together! 


I am so pleased I came across Nicki Kelly’s vegan healthy weight loss plan. I had no idea how to lose weight healthily whilst ensuring I didn’t miss out on essential protein & vitamins, but thanks to easy to follow guides and fantastic support from other women members and Nicki herself, I lost just over a stone to reach my goal weight but without losing vital nourishment.

Andrea S.J.

Nicki Kelly is an awesome nutritionist. I joined Nicki’s group and now benefit massively from her willingness to share her extensive expert nutritional advice, complemented by delicious, straightforward recipes. The vibe in this group is always positive. I’ve lost unnecessary weight by following Nicki’s way of eating and feel healthier than ever. Plus, I’ve met like-minded friends online worldwide through Nicki’s joyful international community.

Donna McL

When I joined the group (a year ago), I’ve already been vegan for 3 years. But although I’ve had some previous nutrition knowledge, I just couldn’t figure it out to get to my ideal weight. Nicki’s group teaches you the concept of vegan nutrition for weight management. The recipes are easy and once you grasp the concept, you can create your own recipes and thrive! Weight management happens easily and you don’t feel like you are dieting.

Cristina P.

Simple wellness is just a click away

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Vegan VIP Wellness Club

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