Weight Loss is More Than Numbers

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Do you weigh yourself every day and count every calorie? For many, these habits can lead to perpetual anxiety. If that’s you, then why don’t you loosen those ties a little and measure your weight loss success in some other ways as well?

After all, weight loss success is more than just numbers.

When I was trying to lose weight in my 30s, I often used to feel trapped. It felt as if weight loss was taking over my entire life. I spent my whole day counting every bite and worrying about every food decision. It went: don’t eat this, eat that instead. Not so much of this, more of that.
It was driving me nuts.

I was anxiously weighing myself every day waiting to see the next loss. And when it didn’t happen my entire day was ruined. How crazy was that?!

Do you sometimes feel like this as well?

If yes, then let me give you 5 quick tips to help shift your focus away from all those numbers on the scales and calories. I’ll show you some other, way less frustrating things that you can focus on instead.

A selection of healthy vegan foods

Embrace positivity and balance, not restrictions

Instead of only focusing on what foods to cut out of your diet, think about what healthy foods you can add to your meals.
Because the ‘cutting out’ thoughts can become such a negative damper on your mood. Whereas thinking about adding in new healthier options, new colourful produce or trying new recipes is a much more positive activity.

PLUS allow yourself some of the foods [maybe not too often] you really love. Because I can promise you that if you cut out all your favourites, you’ll soon begin to feel as if you’re in diet prison. And the end result will be that you’ll want to break out and escape but we all know how that can end. Namely in a big binge.

Therefore, from time to time do have some of your favourite foods. You could enjoy those in smaller servings and still keep going with your weight loss plan.

For some of us, it might be a couple of squares of dark chocolate once or twice a week. For others, it’s vegan pizza. So instead of eating a whole one, have one generous slice and serve it with plenty of side salad and vegetables. Best of both worlds and you won’t feel you are missing out all the time.

Listen to your body

I know what you’re thinking. “Listen to my body? But my body only ever tells me to eat potato crisps, chocolate and watch Netflix!” However, if you really stop and listen, you can actually hear the wiser voice of your body.❤️

For instance: if your tummy starts grumbling and your last meal was more than 3-4 hours ago, it’s a good sign that it might be time to refuel. But be sure to distinguish between true hunger and just cravings for that triple chocolate fudge sundae.

On the flip side, when your body’s had enough, it’s time to back away from your plate. Remember, you do not need to eat until you’re overly full.

As a matter of fact, a good tip is to follow a traditional Japanese term of ‘Hara hachi bun me’ which means approx. ‘Eat until you are 80% full.’

That’s an especially helpful suggestion at Christmas time or during holidays. In December this message will be clearly displayed at my home. 😂

And, avoid eating when you’re feeling stressed, bored, or tired. During those times, your brain isn’t exactly firing on all cylinders. It might tell you to reach for that bag of chips, but you know that afterwards you’ll feel guilty and beat yourself up. Not worth it.

And here’s a little secret: sometimes, your body might actually be craving healthy foods! I know, strange, right? But seriously, if you’re craving something sweet, get a piece of juicy sweet fruit instead of a sugary treat. Your taste buds and body will be very happy and satisfied with that choice!

Make healthy eating fun!

If you dislike your meals because they are bland and boring, you’re not going to stick to your weight loss plan.

You need some taste bud excitement! See if you can break out of your culinary comfort zone and experiment with new recipes. Don’t always serve the ‘same old, same old’ meals. Make a version of your favourite comfort food. Or cook up something exotic and spicy from a different cuisine.

And even if some of the meals turn out the ‘opposite of delicious’, at least you gave them a try. Next time you’ll know how to improve them. So don’t be afraid to shake things up a bit and make the meals more exciting

Focus on NSV (non-scale victories) 

If you get too hung up on the numbers on your scales you can miss all the other successes. Because there can be a bunch other of NSVs you can celebrate along the way.

Here are just a few examples. 

  • Your skin looks better
  • You sleep better
  • You’re starting to feel more confident
  • You have more energy
  • You’re in a better mood
  • And your clothes are looser…The list goes on and on.

Even looking at the previous suggestion of making healthy eating more fun, a non-scale victory can be finding new weight-loss-friendly recipes that you like. You’re expanding your palate and discovering new ways to nourish your body.

So the next time you get discouraged because you’re not losing as fast as you did in your twenties, stop and think about all the other achievements because they are proof you’re on the right track.

A group of like minded women

And last but not least, you don’t have to go this alone. 

One of the best ways to make weight loss easier is to find a support system. And no, I’m not talking about that friend who constantly tells you to just “eat less and move more.” (Thanks, Captain Obvious.) I’m talking about finding a group of like-minded women who truly understand the possible hurdles you are experiencing. Because having someone who ‘gets’ what you’re going through and can offer support and friendly encouragement can make all the difference.

Like our fabulous group of women in my inner circle VIP Vegan Wellness group.

They are so positive, fun and motivating. And they will cheer you on when you reach a new milestone and support you when you’re feeling down.
And when you reach a goal, it’s so nice to have someone to share it with 🙂

So I hope you got some ideas on how to take your focus away from those numbers and what to start paying attention to instead. Because those suggestions are less stressful ways you can use to measure your weight loss progress.

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