Weight Loss Phase #2

Yesterday I wrote about  weight loss phase #1. That’s when your body releases mainly excess fluid and stored glycogen [a type of converted stored blood glucose].

NOTE: eating a plant-based whole food diet can cause us to retain a little more fluid than when we ate a non-vegan diet.

How come?
Vegans consume more carbs which get turned into glucose for energy. Unused glucose gets stored within our muscles and liver as glycogen.

And each gram of stored glycogen binds 3 or 4 grams of water in our cells.
The more carbs we eat, the more might get stored away and thus we can find ourselves retaining a little more fluid.

Therefore glycogen is usually the main culprit behind ‘sudden’ bouts of weight loss and weight gain because it either binds or releases fluid.


Next time, before becoming upset because you saw a pound of weight come on overnight, or you became happy because overnight you suddenly LOST a pound or two….most likely you are simply looking at varying fluid levels.

By the way…if you are chronically stressed, your cortisol levels increase [that’s a stress hormone] and that hormone can also make you retain fluid and layer body fat around your belly. But I digress.

Once this fluid and glycogen loss phase is over and done with, then the next phase starts.

Namely Fat Loss. YAY!

Let’s look at weight loss phase #2

This phase begins after about 4-6 weeks of creating a calorie deficit. Finally, some decent fat loss occurs.

Sadly, in my experience, this is when most people start getting bored with the whole thing and begin to eat more or begin to eat unhelpful foods.

👉 Whereas this phase is what they were actually waiting for: THE FAT LOSS!!!

The main reasons why people give up during weight loss phase #2
1) After the rapid fluid loss during phase #1, suddenly weight loss occurs at a snail’s pace. And that is so annoying and disappointing.

Patience flies out the window and people give up.

2) Our body realises we are losing fat reserves and it doesn’t like this.
So it slows its metabolism and burns fat at a slower pace.

Our body is programmed to hold on to body fat and therefore when fat loss occurs, its first thought is to replenish it.

And how does it achieve that?
It cranks up our hunger hormones and reduces our satiety hormones.
This makes us want to eat more and our preference for calorie-rich foods increases.

It can be difficult to override such strong urges unless one has an iron will or uses protein powders to stop this constant hunger. Protein powder supplements are excellent in preventing us from going overboard with snacking.  Just look at these delicious protein smoothie bowls.

3) If one has a lot of weight to lose, during phase #2 eventually a plateau rears its ugly head. Weight loss comes to a screeching halt and the numbers on the bathroom scales just won’t budge.
So…it’s understandable that many think to themselves ‘what’s the use?’ and wish to give up now.

After all…if one can’ see progress, it can be so very disheartening.
So what is the solution to all of this?

Here are some tips:

You should be expecting hurdles and preparing yourself for phase #2.

Welcome it with open arms and celebrate it.
Because it’s during this slow period when you lose body fat. Slow and steady…little by little. The operative word is ‘little’.
Patience is needed.

Know that you will be hungrier and experience cravings.
Therefore get ready for this and fill up your pantry, fridge and freezer with a stash of suitable options.

This way when unexpected crazy hunger hits, you will have the right foods ready to fight back.

You can even try the 3 day protein supplement fix. It can be a life changing experience for those who are suffering with constant hunger.

And make sure you remember all the reasons that made you decide to eat healthily or lose weight.
They will give you the strength to keep going! 😍


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