Why Has My Weight Loss Stalled? 7 Shocking Reasons

Why Has My Weight Loss Stalled? 7 Shocking Reasons

Why Has My Weight Loss Stalled?

7 Shocking Reasons

We all have a goal to achieve when it comes to our bodies, most of us in common would like to lose weight yet you’re wondering why you still haven’t lost that weight even when you may be following a diet or exercise routine. Therefore, why has my weight loss stalled? You are wondering. Here are 7 possible reasons that may shock you to why this is.

1) You’ve restricted your calories.

Restricting calories is not the best option to lose weight, you still need calories for a healthy body. Restricting calories can slow your metabolism which leads to ‘metabolic adaptation’. This may mean that your body will not function as properly because it is not getting the right amount of food and nutrients required. Your body needs fat to burn out even when you’re not exercising. Mentabolism is needed for energy and without that energy, you will not be able to burn calories and lose weight correctly.

SOLUTION: Stick to eating regular meals per day and keep track of the amount of calories you eat. This does not mean that binge eating is the best answer, having full cooked meals can satisfy your body for the day without requiring any further calories. If you are severely under weight then it is recommended to ignore your diet and focus on gaining more energy for your body.


2) You have food amnesia.

You may think that you are eating plenty but instead you may be overeating. This could be the case if you are the type to snack especially in a negative mood. This can involve eating too many nuts, seets, avocada, oats and including high calorie plant milk. Make sure that you watch your eating habits and check the amount of calories each snack may contain. Be mindful of each mouthful

SOLUTION: Be mindful to what you eat and create a food diary to track down what you eat per day.


3) You are not eating enough protein.

Eating a well balanced plant-based diet and still not losing that weight? You may have lack of protein then – without protein, your metabolism slows down. Like stated above, metabolism is important for energy so that your fat can burn calories more efficently inside your body.

SOLUTION: Eat more foods involving protein! Good sources of protein can involve green peas, chickpeas, tofu and more. You can find out what food source is good for protein if you have a vegan diet here.


4) Eating too many snacks before and after exercise.

Preparing for a trip to the gym or go on a fancy jog? Do not snack right before and after! Eating snacks before exercising requires you needing to burn even more calories, and eating after basically means that you have exercised simply to keep the same calories you had at the beginning. Do not waste time exercising to not progress, save food for later.

SOLUTION: Eat a healthy meal at least 30 minutes to 3 hours before working out. This gives your body a chance to absorb the calories which will make it easier for your body to burn those calories once started working out.


5) Your thyroid isn’t healthy.

Your thyroid is just as important as your weight as it produces hormones that can affect your heart rate and body temperature. Having too much can cause serious issues in your body and can especially slow off weight loss.

SOLUTION: Keep track of your thyroid’s health and eat foods that can support your thyroid. Such as nuts, spinach, lettuce and more of your leafy greens. Even salt is good for your thyroid to give iodine to improve it’s performance in your body.


6) Medication can slow weight loss.

Many medications can cause your appetite to increase resulting in wanting to eat more than you need to. Some medications can also cause a decrease in activity levels due to after effects of taking some medication can be feeling drowsy and tired. However, this is not the case for all medications and it is important to still take any medication that is required and needed for your body.

SOLUTION: If you think that you are gaining weight from any medication prescribed to you, discuss with your doctor about the situation to see if there is a solution to this. Also, drink plenty of fluids that can help your body not only heal but also fill in that appetite that may be increased from some medication.


7) You’re not sleeping enough.

Sleep is important for our daily lives to function to the best of it’s ability. Without enough sleep, your body will decrease it’s performance in many areas. For example, your hormones can be affected due to sleep deprivation and can increase your appetite. Furthermore, sleep deprivation can cause difficulties in metaboloising carbohydrates which can cause higher blood sugar levels which will lead to your body storing fat rather than using it for energy.

SOLUTION: Start a regular and healthy sleeping schedule which requires you getting the right amount of hours needed for sleep. The recommended amount of hours an adult needs are 7 to 9 hours for our bodies to function the best. It is also recommended to sleep and wake up around the same time everyday to keep a regular schedule.


Why has my weight loss stalled? Could it be any of these reasons? It is likely possible that one of these reasons may be your issue. Many people today are struggling with losing weight and it is completely normal to be struggling through any of these issues listed above. Therefore, it is important for us to improve not only our weight but also our health too. To gain a healthy weight, we also need a healthy lifestyle. Check out more from our website through our articles here if you would like to learn more tips and tricks on a vegan diet.