Are you putting your happiness on hold?

Bathroom Scale

Before sorting out my ‘forever way of eating’ I yearned for my weight loss to materialise. For years I dreamt about a slimmer figure.  Plus I had a particular goal number on the bathroom scales carved into my mind’s eye.

During those times I truly believed that once I had lost my excess weight, the world would be a happier place for me.

And until that happened I couldn’t enjoy many aspects of my life.

During my youth, I dragged myself around like a sad sack feeling self-conscious during get-togethers with school friends or relatives [my tummy was too big, I had a muffin top etc…I bet you know all the negative things we say about our bodies] And when I looked in the mirror, I did not like what I saw.

No matter what I wore. Have a look at me at the age of 13. 

By always comparing myself to slim people, I made myself so miserable.

And I often wished I was anywhere else, but ‘here in the NOW’.
Whilst waiting for a slimmer future, I wasted a lot of time being unhappy. Basically, I was putting the enjoyment of my life on hold until I was slim.

Putting this into words and writing this out, really highlights the stupidity of it all.

The funny thing was that when I finally reached my sustainable goal weight I noticed this:
I was

  • proud that I achieved it
  • healthier
  • felt more confident
  • and loved how clothes sat on my body

But was there a HUGE change to my life?

Other than a massive weight fell off my shoulders [literally 😂] so I could stop fretting about reaching my goal, my life simply continued. But without all that crankiness.

So yes, I was happier….because I had no reason to be unhappy about my weight!

When I looked back at those early teenage years, I realised that my life had already been good for decades. No, it had been great! Except I did not see that because I was too busy being crabby. It actually takes quite a lot of energy to be constantly negative about one’s body.

The truth is, if we put our lives on hold until a ‘desired weight’ is reached, we can miss out on enjoying ourselves today.

So what’s the message of this article?

For those of you who are holding back from joyful experiences until you get to your goal, get a piece of paper and let’s do some digging.
Write down the things you are reluctant to do whilst working on creating your new healthy body.
Then see if you can enjoy some of those things already right now. Even if it is in a modified way.

Things like:

When I reach XX pounds, I will do X.  [Could you do X already now?]
When I weigh XX, I will buy those jeans I saw online. [I bet they do them in your size. Add a lovely top, put on your favourite lipstick and enjoy wearing those jeans RIGHT NOW. No need to wait for the future.]

Do you have things in your life that you’re putting on hold until you’re happy with your weight?

If yes, find a way to enjoy them right now. No better time than the present!

And if you need a little helping hand in working out what to eat in the meantime, don’t forget that I’ve created a 2-week download recipe e-book for you. It has a day to day menu with tips and info and it’s a great tool to kickstart healthy weight loss. At least you don’t have to fret about the right recipes.

And the best thing?
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