You’ll thank me for this weight loss post

Is this you?

You won’t believe how often I’ve had to explain this to disappointed clients. Over the past few decades?….Hundreds and hundreds of times each year.

Many people actually know the reasons of why they shouldn’t and yet, they’re still doing it.

I’m talking about a person who’s been eating the right amount of clean calories and sticking to their eating plan all the way….but is incessantly hopping on the bathroom scales.

When I was 18, I admit: I sometimes weighed myself twice a day to see if I was losing enough weight. Do you believe this? I mean, how obsessive is that?

But at least I wasn’t quite as crazy as Empress Sisi of the Austro-Hungarian Empire who, as we are told, actually SAT on a pair of bathroom scales during her meals to ensure she wasn’t eating or drinking too much. Good story, but a bit sad if it was actually true.

Are you a ‘someone’ who gets on the bathroom scales too often? Because I’m telling you now: you’re gonna get mad.


The dreaded plateau. The scales just don’t want to move the right direction fast enough.

You were soooo sure you ate all the right things and the right amounts…you were not sloppy with the calories.hc-styled-stock healthy food

All perfect foods…….You smilingly step on the scales, take a deep breath and look down.

No loss.


How excruciatingly frustrating. Makes you just want to cry.

Why? Why is this happening to you? You’ve been so good! Where is your reward?

Well, before I go on: this ‘plateauing’ effect is perfectly normal and happens to everyone. Although we don’t like it, weight loss isn’t always a linear process.

Reasons could be hormonal fluid fluctuations, eating a little more salt yesterday, not drinking enough water to flush out the toxins, and drinking more water than yesterday, you’re adding muscle tissue….The reasons for ‘stuck’ bathroom scales go on and on.

Some people do not see a loss on the scales for weeks…..and yet…they are losing body fat.  Their waist is getting smaller, they are losing inches [or cm] they can fit into smaller clothes, but the scales will not show a loss.

It is near impossible to measure real fat loss at home. I won’t bore you with the complicated ways one can have that measured.

The fact remains: you will not know how much body fat you’re losing by simply stepping on the bathroom scales.

Not even the fancy body fat measuring scales can do that. WHY? It depends how hydrated you are. Drink more or even less water than the last time, instantly the scales are showing you total rubbish numbers.

haute-chocolate writing diary

Don’t go there. Just don’t.

I know. It’s just not fair.

Now comes the bigger problem: when this lock-down occurs, your head gets in the way.

Confronted with this plateau scenario, your mind has a meltdown because you did not get your reward. It has a major dummy spit. And talks you into giving up.

The next thing you know, you’re beating yourself up whilst eating crap. [Carbonated, Refined sugar, Alcohol and Artificial foods, Processed foods]

Bad for your mind and bad for your body.

So what are my suggestions?


Keep a food diary. It keeps you honest and accountable regarding your food intake.

What will you learn? Maybe it can show you that you could make improvements.

If food is perfect, then increase your energy output. Walk faster for longer. Build your muscles. People with better muscle tone burn more fat, even whilst sitting 😉

Start ‘cycling’ your calorie intake.


haute-chocolate working out caloriesOnce a week, relax your food intake and eat a LITTLE more. Then following it, reduce your calories for a couple of days. Do not do that too drastically because your metabolic rate may get scared and thinks you’re starving.

It’ll ‘help’ you stay alive by turning down the rate that it uses up your calorie intake. You do NOT want that.

So: be in control of your food and energy output, keep a positive mind and throw the scales in the bin. Slam down the lid and go for a walk.

Well, ok. You may keep the scales. But don’t take too much notice of the numbers you see on a daily or weekly basis.

Instead take more notice how loose your clothes are, how many inches you lost around your waist and look in the mirror. What do you see? A refreshed, slimmer version of you? Then you’re on the right track.

If you still need help, maybe you need to hire me as your weight loss coach.

Until next time.

Health and happiness,

Nicki Kelly

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