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My Story

My 30-year career as a successful weight loss consultant came about because I was a fat child.

A very fat child.

And my personal trials and tribulations to lose weight led me to the point where I decided to study nutrition to help people enter that wonderful space where they are at their right weight and food is not their enemy anymore.

Imagine a time when you want to buy a dress for a special occasion. Won't it be amazing to go into a shop, try on a fabulous dress which fits 'just right' ..and you feel confident in it?

It is totally achievable. Not only my past clients, but I am living proof of that! And I've achieved this by eating plant-based foods. But more on that in other posts….

With the right dietary knowledge and guidance, you'll lose your constant focus about what to eat and what not to eat…You will not be driven by cravings plus you'll reach your goal weight and stay there.

Big Nicki

And the word DIET will be deleted from your vocabulary.

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Yum. Does the fruit nullify the calories? No? What a shame…


So how did my weight loss journey help me become a nutritionist? My mother was a great help when I wanted to lose weight as a teenager. She got hold of a cookbook with calorie counted meals and I ate only what she served me.


As an adult, I had an idea: what if one could help people lose weight with the same concept of mum's portion-controlled, healthy meals?


I went to work making this a reality. I studied nutrition and dietetics; in the meantime, we experimented changing mother's portion-controlled single meals into commercial quantities. It was not easy to work out how to make a viable business out of it.


In 1981, together with help from my entire family, we were ready to set the world on fire.

with flower

Except the world was not yet ready for us.

Our MASSIVE commercial kitchens with huge gas stoves, glistening walk-in fridges and freezers took a while to become a busy place.


However, once the concept became popular, our business grew beyond our wildest imagination. We ended up with 21 franchises, helping thousands of people per week to eat right and lose weight.


So over the time of my weight loss career, the numbers added up to hundreds of thousands of people having been helped by my original idea!


Although now moved on from that business, I am still passionate about helping people with their nutrition and weight loss. I keep studying on a regular basis to ensure I keep up-to-date with all the latest scientific information so I can help you better. The office wall now sports various new diplomas: Detox Specialist, Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Specialist, Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition Adviser and Nutritional Therapist.

As you can see, you're in good hands.

So visit these pages on a regular basis to learn more about the latest on successful healthy weight loss and do try some of the recipes.

And when you visit my recipe section, you'll notice that they are Vegan.

Why? Well, you see… after 30 years of studying nutrition and weight loss, I now eat only plant-based foods. This way of eating gives me and my clients the very best results. No hunger, no counting calories…

How good is that?

The vegan recipes I offer in my posts are an invitation for you to (seriously) consider eating a few dishes per week that are plant-based. Try it. It's an easy way to 'up' your healthy fruit and vegetable intake and start the road to a healthier, slimmer body.

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