Black Cumin seed for weight loss- is it worth the hype?

Black cumin seed (Nigella Sativa). It’s a plant whose name sounds like it belongs in a Game of Thrones episode. In your quest to reduce weight and keep it off,  I’m sure you’ve heard or read about this seed. It looks to have gained even more celebrity status lately.  Most likely because an influencer on… Read More »Black Cumin seed for weight loss- is it worth the hype?

How to combat fatigue

Are you frequently feeling tired, even after resting? Then let’s look at ways to combat fatigue and get your energy back. As I’m a nutrition coach, I will address your diet as well because what we eat has a huge impact on our energy levels. But let’s start here: 1. This one is the most… Read More »How to combat fatigue

Lost your Motivation for Weight Loss?

Everyone can lose motivation to eat healthily and end up saying: “I simply can’t be bothered anymore.” Has this ever happened to you? If yes, it usually spells the end of healthy eating for quite a while. Sadly this can backfire. We might gain weight and get cranky with ourselves for having given up yet… Read More »Lost your Motivation for Weight Loss?

A couple of Time-Saving Kitchen Tips from my Father

Some of you asked me for some tips about how to reduce time spent in the kitchen. Let me start off with a few ideas from my dad. I’ll be offering a few more over in the Wellness Club. After the revolution in Hungary in 1956, our family fled to Germany. And to get by,… Read More »A couple of Time-Saving Kitchen Tips from my Father

Let’s find out about Nuts

Nuts can be soooo expensive. 😆 And because they are higher in calories and fat than most other plant foods, in the past we were told to avoid them if we wanted to lose weight. Plus some well-known gurus used to say that if you had heart problems, high cholesterol, or triglycerides, they were a… Read More »Let’s find out about Nuts

5 Tips on how not to fall off the Wagon

Sticking to healthy eating can be challenging, especially when trying to lose weight. So here are 5 tips to help you #1 Choose a forever eating plan, not a short-term ‘crash diet’. Crash diets are so disappointing. You might lose weight, but the honeymoon doesn’t last. Most people gain it all back again…and usually, even… Read More »5 Tips on how not to fall off the Wagon

Science-Backed Ways to Reduce Bloating

Gas, wind, bloat…..they’re all part of plant-based eating. However, in my mind, there’s an acceptable level of bloating and then there’s totally objectionable level of bloating. Like when suddenly, overnight, your stomach sticks out as if you’re pregnant and the most unladylike noises are being emitted from both ends of your body. Terrible. Especially when… Read More »Science-Backed Ways to Reduce Bloating

Best Time for Taking a Supplement?

Answer by Katherine Marengo LDN, R.D. on MedicalNewsToday: ….” the best time to take it would be as soon as the person remembers to take it.” 😄 We all know that the best nutrition can be obtained from real food, not pills. When we eat plenty of fresh produce, fruit, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains,… Read More »Best Time for Taking a Supplement?

Eating delicious food

Do you feel hungrier after 4pm? 

Feeling hungry late afternoon and evening is not unusual and it can have many reasons. Research tells us that some reasons can be quite obvious and we can actually do something about those. And some are not as easy to change. There’s a fickle hormone called Ghrelin. And it has a lot to answer for.… Read More »Do you feel hungrier after 4pm? 

My 3 Best Tips to avoid overeating at Christmas

There are so many tips floating around to help us retain at least some of our waistline during December. And yet, even with the best intentions and armed with tips and info, many of us end up eating our own body weight in Christmas dinners. And washing it down with way too many calorie-rich drinks.… Read More »My 3 Best Tips to avoid overeating at Christmas