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Weight loss during menopause: yes, it is totally doable Weight loss can be frustrating at any time of your life. Especially during or after the menopause, it can be downright stressful. Here you are, trying your hardest and what are the results on the bathroom scales? Seemingly nothing. But is that

Let's clear up some of the crazy confusion regarding vegan protein. There are many myths out around that you might have heard of. How much do I actually need? Well, that depends what your goal is. If you just want to eat a healthy diet, or lose some weight, obviously your needs

Although there are too many variables, let me point out 7 possible reasons: You've restricted your calories too much, and slowed your metabolism. You've probably created what is called a 'metabolic adaptation'. That means your body may have freaked out because it didn't get enough food and nutrients. And to preserve

I often get asked why I suggest these two to be eaten together. It's a little weird, I know. But when you think about it, soup and salad gives us the best of both worlds. Raw foods still contain the heat sensitive vitamins and minerals

How’s the healthy eating going? Could it be a little better?…I suppose there’s always some room for improvement. Often our lives have way too much going on. We’re stressed, we lack energy, we don’t feel like doing anything, our skin is bad, we’re gaining weight and nothing, just nothing seems right.

Intermittent fasting, or IF, is growing in popularity among bloggers, fitness gurus, and YouTubers primarily for weight loss and repopulating good gut bacteria. Fasting, when done correctly, gives your overworked gut a break and it's a little bit like a ‘reboot’ for your digestive system. But before you decide if intermittent fasting

Are you a serial dieter? I was. I tried every sexy sounding new diet that came out. Anything that promised faster, easier results, I was totally into it. Result? Within weeks after stopping those ‘magic’ solutions, I was back to where I started from. Namely BIG. But you probably knew

Are you eyeing off that expensive box of fancy pixie dust for a home detox? C’mon. Put it back on the shelf. Often they are just a big waste of money. Instead, simply follow these 4 daily practices. They’ll help you to increase your body’s ability to remove toxins for way

I'd like to share a secret with you. Well, now that I’m writing to you about it, it's not going to be a secret anymore, is it? But I wanted to talk to you about the Perfect Weight Loss Plan. Have you noticed that there's sooooo much information and mis-information when it comes